Literally Fighting to Get Out of Prison

Crime & Justice

What would you do to shorten your sentence if you wound up incarcerated in a Thai prison? Almost anything? If you’re one of the over 5,000 inmates at Klong Prem prison in Bangkok, you might just decide to fight your way out.

Sound like a crazy idea? It’s a reality at Klong Prem where inmates train to compete in high-stakes Muay Thai style bouts.

According to one visitor to the prison:

If an inmate wins a match, his case is referred to the warden of his prison, who then has the option of reducing his sentence by months or even years. After winning five straight bouts, Sawangsuk, a former enforcer for a Bangkok gambling ring, has already shaved seven years off his 10-year sentence. If he wins today, he could be a free man within a few months.

That’s right. Winning fights has shaved years off one inmate’s sentence. And…

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