Gym Hoppers and the Importance of Loyalty in Muay Thai

Under The Ropes

I’d like to share my opinion on something that has always been annoying to me, but has recently been brought to my attention. So, allow me to embark on my first rant of the site. It shall be the first of many.

I have only ever trained at a handful of gyms in my life. At first, I trained at one on an island in the south of Thailand while on holiday, before moving up to Chiang Mai and spending a couple of months at a gym there. After that, I moved to Bangkok and found the gym that was right for me, decided to start my fight career there and haven’t been anywhere else since. However, In recent times, I am noticing more and more people who flutter from gym to gym, training here and there, and fighting for whichever gym they happen to be at during that particular time…

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