FACEPUNCH: How to power low kick (without snapping your shit up)



How to power low kick (without snapping your shit up)

One of the staples of kickboxing is the low round house kick to the opponents leg. It hurts. Man, it really hurts.  This is why it’s so often employed and has been used to topple many a would be boxer turned kickboxer.

Recently, however, there has been a lot of speculation about the use of this technique in the light of two high-profile injuries: the Anderson Silva leg explosion in UFC and the Tyrone Spong bone implosion in Glory.  See below for details….



The ole “snapping shin” injury is written off generally as a fluke or a freak occurrence.  The reality is that it’s no more of a fluke than a broken nose or some cracked ribs.  Not in kickboxing anyway.  And as the dominance of kickboxing not only in its pure form, Glory-type-events and Muay Thai, but also…

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